Teacher Professional Learning Weekend

Catholic Education:  Diocese of Wollongong – Teacher Professional Learning
2018 Gifted Education Artists Retreat 

Facilitated by John Charadia & Guest Artist Tutors

“There is in us an instinct for newness, for renewal, for a liberation of creative power. We seek to awaken in ourselves a force, which really changes our lives from within. And yet the same instinct tells us that this change is a recovery of that which is deepest, most original, and most personal in ourselves. To be born again is not to become somebody else, but to become ourselves.”
Thomas Merton

Swallowtail Butterfly - Photo: John Charadia

Mt Carmel Retreat Centre 
247 St Andrew’s Rd Varroville NSW
6pm Friday March 16th - 2pm Sunday March 18th   
Special Guest Artist Tutors –Amanda McPaul-Browne 
& Joshua Charadia
with Reflection & Relaxation Facilitator Jill Taylor

“The artist must have something to say, for mastery over form is not his goal but rather the adapting of form to its inner meaning.” 
Wassily Kandinsky, Concerning the Spiritual in Art
In the beautiful spiritual environment of Mt Carmel Retreat Centre in Varroville NSW Co-facilitated by John Charadia, professional Artist Tutors Amanda McPaul Browne and Joshua Charadia, with reflection and relaxation facilitator Jill Taylor participants will gain knowledge of the creative, reflective and artistic process through Art-making, Critical and Creative Thinking.
$280 includes all meals, accommodation, and linen and art equipment. You will experience the beauty of nurturing your creative, artistic and spiritual self through the creative and reflective process. It is designed for teachers to extend their capacity in creative process, critical and creative thinking, prayer and reflection, and personal artistic skills. Participants will develop artistic skills and techniques in a choice of drawing, painting, clay sculpture or photography exploring the theme of Transformation. 
Workshops include knowledge, skills and understandings of the integrated subject matter, tools and materials, media, techniques and artistic tradition facilitated by professional artist tutors.
Further details including a map, and ‘to bring' list’ will be sent to you on application. Registration commences from 3pm on the Friday to settle into your room, go for a walk and prepare yourself for the creative process the weekend offers.

Features of the Artist’s Retreat
    This Artist’s Retreat is designed for participants with no previous artistic experience, and an interest in Creative and Gifted Education.
Please arrive punctually on the Friday evening. We will begin with dinner at 6.10pm followed by an inspiring reflection to draw us into the theme and mood of the Gifted         Education Artists’ Retreat Weekend followed by supper.
John, Amanda and Joshua will share their art knowledge, skills and techniques, vision and values, and facilitate your journey into art & reflection during the weekend.
Time for walking, solitude and rest is also a feature of this retreat.
Quality art materials are supplied, but you may wish to bring your own range of quality drawing and painting materials, papers and canvases, clay tools and                              photographic devices.
Saturday evening, after dinner, we will experience live music. This meditative experience will be very special.
Contact John Charadia for any further information/clarification
MB: 0418 416224

High impact creativity and initiative that has changed human life

This weekend experiential creative workshop is designed to engage and empower participants in creative and critical thinking and productivity processes. Participants will engage in critical and creative thinking leading to the creation of a visual work in drawing, painting, clay sculpture or photography related to their understanding of a high impact invention, program, initiative or thinking that led to a transformation in human life.

This creative and reflective professional learning experience provides practical resources, current research and personal practical engagement with tutors in the learning process. It engages participants in critical and reflective thinking about achievements in science and technology and human creativity that led to transformations in the way we think, live, work and play.

Wollongong Diocese teachers will gain inspiration and insight into the current unit for SPLICED (Stretching Potential through Learning in Interactive Challenging Environments in the Diocese of Wollongong) entitled “Transformation”.

“We do not think ourselves into new ways of living, we live ourselves into new ways of thinking.” 
Richard Rohr

Pondering Girl in a Window by Nicholaes Maes