Critical Thinking Guide


Inventions, Creativity and Ingenuity that have changed the World


Critical Thinking Guide



  • What goodness, truth or beauty is found in your subject or topic?
  • What examples can you provide that illustrate goodness, truth or beauty?
  • What statements can you make about the goodness truth and beauty of your subject?


  • What evidence from your investigation and research supports your assumptions?
  • How can you ensure your information is accurate?


  • What is the best way to express the goodness, truth and beauty?
  • What specific details can you provide to support your claims?
  • Could you be more exact?


  • How is the subject relevant locally, nationally and/or globally?

  • What are the messages or learnings from your work for the present and the future?


  • What factors make this an authentic example of the three virtues?
  • What are some of the emotional, social or spiritual aspects of your subject?
  • How will truth, goodness and beauty in your subject impact the lives of others?


  • In what ways does the three virtues in your work be seen from another point of view?
  • What positive and negative impacts could come from your subject?
  • How are goodness, truth and beauty a result of a build up of knowledge over time?


  • How will your forms of expression present in a way that makes sense to your audience?
  • How does your introduction link to your conclusion?


  • What is the most important aspect of your work for others?
  • How is your work, in its purpose, significant in the past and may be in the future?


  • What personal interest do you have in the subject?
  • In what ways have you represented the views of others empathetically?